Nation Warfare

Struggles between rising powers have erupted in the realm. 

The confrontation between the three main powers has unveiled the true face of this world. 

Will you float along the river of war, or will you join one of the forces and dominate the realm? 

The struggle between the Watchmen''s Union, Storm Empire, and Blood Tribe rests at the center of this game. 

You must a nation to ally with as you set off on your adventure. Develop your city, expand your power, compete against other players, improve your strategy, and take control of as many resources as you can. 

Become the hero you''ve always dreamed of being in this exciting and difficult strategic battle of the wits. 

Once you''ve completed starter quests, look in the bottom right corner of the game interface to find the Nation menu. 

Open the Nation menu to see comprehensive information on your nation and benefits.